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Balticon is the Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Balticon 46 was held May 25-28, 2012
Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Baltimore, Maryland

Below are collections of costume pictures from the convention taken by Diane Kovalcin and Tina Connell.
These pictures represent a look at the 2012 Balticon Masquerade though it is not quite complete.
Official Winners Listing (pdf)

There is a need to put names to faces, as well as costume names and awards.  More picture contributions can be added too, with photographer credits.   Please help us fill in the missing information by sending your identification info (based on picture title) to the Pup's webmaster here:
webmaster "at"

For more pictures and video:

Elwynsattic's Pictures show the full masquerade on stage

Splattergraphics has nine good pictures (and some cool cars)

Pictures from DCANIMECLUB

Youtube clip of entry "Wicked Witch of Burlesque" MeleeStormbringer

More Balticon Pictures on

Click picture links for more pictures of for larger images:

Diane Kovalcin

Master of Ceremonies and Judges
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Diane Kovalcin

Young Fan Division
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A Balticon Ribbon

Diane Kovalcin

Adult Division
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Diane Kovalcin

Laural Hill

Diane Kovalcin

Dress Detail

Diane Kovalcin

Denice Girardeau

Diane Kovalcin

The, I Need Shades, Carpet

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