The Function of the Masquerade Repair Table

The Repair Table in the Green Room is primarily to help to REPAIR costumes which come apart or fail. The repair table staff will be glad to assist you under these circumstances, but may not be able to be able to give you extensive undivided attention if other costumers present also need repair table assistance. After all, the repair table person is here to help all of the costumers present. The repair table materials are the property of the repair table person, who is making them available for your benefit. Please do not "adopt," or neglect to return promptly, borrowed tools or excess (unused) supplies from the repair table; they may be needed by others here, or at the next con.

The limited makeup supplies available are also for REPAIR; it would be inconsiderate to monopolize these materials to create a makeup job from scratch. The repair table minimal makeup kit does not include items such as mascara and lipstick for sanitary/health reasons. Neither does it include false fingernails or similar items; anticipating all possible needs of this sort would require doubling (at least) the size of the repair kit.

The following supplies will probably be available at the Repair Table in the Green Room:


Hot glue guns: large cordless, small high temp and low temp, & glue sticks

Silicone hot pad for underneath

Cordless soldering iron/resin core solder


Hole punch, awl

Pliers & wire cutters

Screwdrivers - regular & miniature

Craft knives, single edge razor blades

Scissors - 2 sizes

Hacksaw (small)

Metal file

Hand drill (for major events)

Adhesives, fasteners & connectors:

Wire - various types/gauges

Plastic cable ties

String & braided heavy cord

Rubber bands

Monofilament fishing line (maybe)

Safety pins - 5 sizes, lots

Bobby pins & hair pins - various sizes & colors; ponytail elastic bands


Masking (incl. colored tape)

Duct - silver & black

Carpet (double-sided)

Plastic (electricians - black and colored)

Surgical tape

Toupee tape & alcohol wipes to cleanse skin 1st


5 minute epoxy

Super glue (gel) (& super glue remover)

527 cement


Spirit gum (& remover)

Fray check & clear nail polish

Sewing materials:

Singer hand-held sewing machine (small, light duty) (for major events)


Straight pins

Safety pins (as above, under fasteners).

Thread - several primary and neutral colors

Thread - invisible

Makeup: (Materials only unless a makeup repair person is available). This is for makeup REPAIRS only; do not plan on using this for "from-scratch" makeup jobs.

Lighted makeup mirror (3 intensity), unlighted double sided mirror

Basic (very) stage makeup kit, pancake & cream

Makeup applicators, cotton balls & QTips

Hairbrush, comb

Hair spray

Nail polish remover

Makeup remover, cold cream, baby powder, moist towelettes

Medical emergencies:

Band-aids, surgical tape

Contact lens saline solution, empty c.l. case (not sterile).

Acetaminophen, coated aspirin, ibuprofen, antacid tablets, cough drops

Salt/Potassium tablets (for heat shock) in summer

Glucose tablets


Steam iron & small ironing board (for major events, if there is a big enough green room for this)

Measuring tape(s)

Batteries - not all sizes, limited supply - for emergencies ONLY (expensive - return after use)

Magnifying glass

Static Guard


Paper clips

Extension cord(s)

Emery board

Shoe horn (this went missing – I need to get another)

Clothes brush; lint roller

Drinking straws (bendy), in case the con has not provided any for the drinks table

Yard bag(s) for trash

Note: The above is my old repair table write-up. I have added some commercial makeup supplies (lipstick, mascara (with disposable mascara applicators), eye shadow, etc.). People can use these with disposable makeup applicators (for sanitary reasons). I also now include bright red and black nail polish. I have been considering adding gold, silver & white nail polish, not for nails but to help people touch up finishes/chips on costume accessories.

Sally’s Beauty Supply stores, which have locations around the country, are a good source for things like the disposable mascara brushes, not to mention bulk supplies of things like bobby pins. Makeup kits (the kind that are sold around Mother’s Day and Christmas, with dozens of different eye shadows, lipsticks etc.) are a good way to stock up on makeup cheaply, especially when they are deeply discounted right after the event. “Dollar” stores can be good also.

I don’t know if you noticed or not – I use segmented fishing tackle boxes for bobby pins and safety pins, with different sizes/colors in each section. This saves a lot of hassle digging through a baggy of them to find the one that is wanted. I’ve been using the same boxes for over 20 years. I think they are Plano brand, but it’s been ages since I got them.

At this year’s CC I was asked for both gold and white paint for touch-ups, which is why I am considering adding the metallic nail polishes to the kit. I have on other occasions been asked for other oddities, such as two yards of black fabric, a fabric steamer, and a black t-shirt. Not to mention specific colors of beads, sequins, etc. My feeling is that anyone who has their costume trimmed with sequins, beads, etc. should bring along a small quantity for emergency touch-ups; there’s no possible way that a repair table could stock a supply, given the wide range of colors & sizes that may be used. (And if they are going to do a costume with major facial or body makeup, they should also bring that, for the same reason.)

The repair table normally can’t provide a full length mirror for people to check their costumes, but the con should be asked to provide one, if possible.