Re: Upgrades to my makeup kit

At 06:09 PM 8/28/2006, you wrote:
>Hi, Sandy & Pierre,
>I'll bet that by the time you get home and read this, you'll be
>really pooped, and I don't expect a reply right away. Certainly not
>until you've rested up, gotten a life, etc.

Yeah - almost 1600 e-mail messages....and close to 200 per day since
- thanks mostly to the SMOFS list....

>However, when you've got a few free moments, could you drop me a
>note with the proper names of the various goodies we talked about
>that might be good to add to my kit. There was the spray fixative
>that I believe you said was Mehron, and the makeup was Ben Nye, but
>what was the lotion stuff you had me put on first, Sandy? And I seem
>to recall that there were a couple of other products we talked
>about, a lotion (?) that you said is sold in drugstores, and there
>was Stay Dry (?) or something with a similar name.

The first thing was the foundation primer. It's a new product by
Cinema Secrets - Ultimate Foundation Primer. Cat took us there on
Tuesday before the con, so I could get the Mongolian base, etc., and
the associate there told me about it - and it worked very
well. Their website is but I couldn't find any
way to order on-line - you can probably call them though, and the
number is on the site.

They carry their own brand in some things, and also Mehron, Ben Nye,
and Kryolan among others.

The fixative was "Barrier Spray" by Mehron, but Cinema Secrets
carries their own brand also, Ben Nye probably has one as well. I
talked about "No Sweat" - also by Mehron - which is a liquid
anti-perspirant. It's good for under appliances and facial hair if
the person sweats a lot, so they don't come off as easily. It needs
to go on (dab with a cotton ball) before anything else.

I used a lipstick fixative also by Cinema Secrets. I had a different
brand in the past, but it finally got so old it died. It really
keeps lipstick from coming off. It's OK to use for multiple people,
because it's alcohol based - should kill any germs that get on the
brush. You could probably use a new Q-tip for each person also, and
not double-dip. When it gets really cloudy, toss it.

Colorless or transparent powder is a good thing to keep on hand -
every company makes one. It disappears into any color makeup without
muting it. Much better for dark makeups than baby powder, even
though it looks white.

The remover cream is Albolene. I got mine a bunch of years ago at
Osco Drug (big chain). It was in the skin care section with cold
cream, etc. but on the bottom shelf, as it's probably not too popular
anymore with the general public (I think it's been around since the
'40's or so). It does have a petrolatum base, but is more water
soluble than Vaseline. I haven't run into anyone who's allergic to
it, and (for me at least) it doesn't irritate my eyes - I find it's
the best thing to get off stubborn mascara.

>Anything you'd like to share with me about neat products, I'd be
>delighted to hear more about. I'm going to start poking around
>on-line for makeup info also. If there are any particularly
>reasonably priced places you know of to shop, please let me know.
>Makeup is expensive!
>It was nice seeing you again, though too briefly. Once we've all
>recovered, let's talk some more about back-burnered projects.