Lunacon 2011 was held March 18-20, 2011 at the
Hilton Rye Town, Rye Brook NY

Below are collections of pictures from the Science Fiction Masquerade. These pictures show the masquerade from three perspectives, the green room (Tina Connell), the stage (Kathy Draves) and the formal costume pictures (Lenny Provenzano). The Masquerade Directror was Wrenn Simms.
We are always looking for more pictures!

There is a need to put names to faces, as well as costume names and awards. Please help us fill in the missing information by sending your identification info (based on picture title) to the Pup's webmaster here: webmaster "at"

More pictures and information about the con can be found through the links below:

Lunacon 2011
Jay Kusnez pictures Lunacon 2011
Facebooks Pictures Lunacon 2011

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Green Room

Front of Show

Official Masquerade Pictures

Formal Hall Costumes
and the UFO

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