Minutes of the NJ / NY Costumers’ Guild meeting on 1/27/10

Hosted by Byron & Tina at Parsippany/Whippany NJ

In attendance: Byron & Tina (hosts), Diane, Dora, Susan T., Kathy D., Marcie

Minutes of the 11/28/09 meeting were approved, with the addition of Kathy D’s. name to the attendee list. She was inadvertently left off.

Kathy has sent out membership renewal notices.

CC-29 Update: Dora: She has been in touch with Henry; we will be hosting a breakfast in the con suite at CC-28. Tina asked if there will be a Single Pattern competition at CC-29. There will be: Kathy Leason will be running it. The patterns chosen are MacPhee’s (“World’s Easiest”) Vest # 115 (#116 for children), Decades of Style #3301: 1933 Evening Gown; and Folkwear #262, Spectator Coat. The pattern manufacturers have been contacted to let them know what we will be doing and to request permission to show the images on the CC website. Most of the major positions have been filled: Tech, F&SF, Historical, Future Fashion Folio & Show, Exhibits, Green Room, Con Suite, Programming. Diane said that we should include an Anime category in the FFF. Byron commented that, given the con’s theme, there will be a Theater costume category in the Historical.

Programming: suggestions should go to Lisa Ashton. Kathy said that her hairdresser would be willing to do a lecture & demo on how to work with pads, rats, do Gibson Girl look, etc. Dora said that we have 3 rooms strictly for panels, another for hands-on panels & workshops that will run longer. Sue suggested that if Susan DeG. is planning to attend, we should ask her if she would be interested in doing a historic dance class/demo, or talking about costuming for historic dance.

More discussion: things that people might possibly like to see +/or do in the area while at CC. Many suggestions: Shopping in NYC garment district & locally - we will need to do some research on locations & store hours. Dora said that there is a bus that goes into NYC that stops right across the street from the hotel. Fashion Institute (FIT) & museum exhibitions (the Met Museum often has good shows, but nothing out yet about what might be planned for next year). Possible backstage tours of theater costume shop: Kathy said that Lion King and Mary Poppins have tours. Opera tours are another possibility. Byron: Maybe a Broadway theater matinee? This could be done individually or in groups. He suggested we put links on our website to New York tourist-oriented web sites. The official NYC website has links for cultural activities. Diane said that there is an app for a walking tour of NYC.

Byron offered to take CC-29 flyers and progress reports to NASFIC. Since he will be running the Masquerade, this would be a good opportunity to spread the word to a diverse range of costumers. Brief discussion of other good opportunities for publicity and dissemination of flyers: ICG Newsletter, anime websites (Diane said that Laura will know which), Anime Next (June), OdoCon, Anime North (Byron: especially since they are now International Competition), Lunacon (of course!). It was suggested that we should try to get Tom Williford to take a dealer’s table @ CC-29. His business, Brute Force Leather, is now doing steampunk accessories as well as corsets. Byron mentioned that the new steampunk conventions don’t interest him despite the nice costumes, because they want attendees to dress and stay in character all weekend.

There is a bid for #31 (Denver), which will be voted upon at CC-28. No information yet as to dates being considered (April? May?). There are rumors of a bid for Toronto for #32.

Pups business:

Treasurer’s report: We presently have $1,564.17 in the account. Marcie said that the dues amount listed on the web site is incorrect - it should be $8, not $6. She also asked Kathy to please put member names on her dues notices, as some people don’t fill that in when sending in their dues.

As there has been an issue as to who “owns” the Pups website (sickpups.org), Marcie brought to the meeting a copy of Bill’s e-mail to her of 1/4/09, requesting her to apply the amount he had paid to renew the Pups website to his membership dues. The payment receipt from the domain provider/owner for the renewal clearly identifies Elaine Mami as the customer.

Convention / events reports, and comments on upcoming events:

Lunacon is coming up soon. Diane said that she thinks that the hotel room block may be fully booked. Marcie asked if any of us knew of someone with a room to share. Sue thought that Toni might be a possibility. Diane, Sue & Byron have panels. Masquerade judges will Richard Hill, Wombat, Sandy Swanck and possibly one of the GoHs. Ken is official photographer.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute will be showing American Women:1890s - 1940s. The display isn’t down in their usual cave, but will be in the 2nd floor exhibit hall. The show runs from 5/5 - 8/15. The Met has taken over the Brooklyn Museum’s huge vintage clothing collection.

Philcon: Dora will be running the Masq. in 2010, since Byron is going to be tied up with the NASFIC Masquerade most of the year. The con has generally been poorly advertised; at the very least they should be listing the con on the upcoming convention page in Analog & Asimov’s magazines. The costuming community in the Philly area needs to be revived; the turnout (of costumers) for the Masquerade has become embarrassingly small. They get some great hall costumes, though.

NASFIC: Byron said that we should all come, and either be in the Masquerade, or sign up to help.

DragonCon: Diane is going (has her room, but no flight booked yet), and Sue hopes to be able to go. DragonCon has been running for 20 years, and has brought in a lot of costumers from smaller cons.

Albacon: Byron will be running the masquerade and costume programming (contestants and panelists wanted!). Dina Flockhart will be coming. There will be lots of young romance writers there, as there will be an all-day writers workshop.


General member stuff:

Diane is going to Egypt. Also to London & Paris, en route. We all envy her!

Betsy has written a play. It is now playing in the D.C. area (way, WAY off-Broadway).


Upcoming Meeting Dates: (Mark your calendars)

Sunday, 4/18 @ Diane’s

Saturday, 6/26 at Dora’s (this location was later changed to meet @ the CC-29 hotel)

Saturday, 8/21 @ Diane’s