March 31. 2012 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Byron & Tina @ Morristown, NJ

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Byron & Tina (host), Diane, Susan T., Kathy D., Marcy, Rich & Stephanie.

Official Stuph: There were no minutes from the January meeting, because Tina couldn’t find her notes. When they are found, she will present them.

Marcy gave the Treasurer’s report. First, she clarified our tax status. All we have is a Federal employer tax ID number. We do not have tax exempt status, either with the IRS or with NJ. There are two routes by which we can correct our IRS tax status: through the ICG or by applying separately. It would probably be less of a hassle to be added to the ICG’s status. Tina pointed out that if we achieve 501(c)3 status, donations made to the chapter (as is already the case with the ICG) would be tax deductible.

As of the most recent statement, we had a balance of $1,175.26. It was decided to use part of this to partially reimburse Dora for her out-of-pocket for excess expenses (losses) from CC-29; after a brief discussion, $600 was approved.

Marcy reminded us that she has moved, and that there is a new address for sending dues: PO Box 8084, Trenton NJ 08650-8084. Address any correspondence sent to that address to NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild, not to Marcy.

Memberships Status: Kathy said that Darren Bost’s mail has been returned by the PO. Apparently he has moved. He has honorary status as a Pup due to three Spazzy wins. Byron suggested that we keep him on the list, but not send mail. Marcy said that she has not heard anything back from Dani & Darlene. Byron said that a recent e-mail indicated that they would soon be having separate addresses.

Election of Officers (postponed from January due to very small attendance):

The following (present) officers indicated that they would be willing to continue in their present positions, unless someone else wants to:

Elaine Mami: Corresponding Secretary (Corresponding Sec’y. mail should go to the AZ address, all other correspondence to the Trenton PO box)

Tina Connell: Recording Secretary

Marcy Huston: Treasurer

Kathy Draves said that she would be willing to consider serving as Prez, but that it might cause some problems for her since, as a licensed professional, she has to submit a report annually, listing all of her affiliations and income. After a brief discussion, Byron Connell said that he would be willing to serve as Prez, and this was approved unanimously.

Toni Lay was nominated for Prez of Vice, and was elected to that position, contingent upon her accepting the position since she was not in attendance. (Subsequently, she accepted)

Marcy will send out renewal notices, and Kathy will continue to send out meeting notices.

Spazzies: Diane said she has sent out certificates to as many people as she knew about who had been awarded one. Also sent dog “duckies” or dog finger puppets (she showed samples – CUTE!). She asked Byron to inquire on ICG-D to ask if anyone else had been missed.


Activities and Con Reports:

Lunacon: There was a complaint about the video of the masquerade. It wasn’t certain who the complainant was (possibly Sue deG.), or even what the precise complaint was, but the video has been withheld for now. Unfortunately Sandy Swank had mistakenly shredded the signed contestant permission sheets, thinking that he was protecting contestant confidentiality (Byron said that he keeps them in perpetuity), so there was no way to verify permissions. Since there may be some question regarding images of contestants, it was decided that for now only photos of Pups from Lunacon would be displayed on our website, unless other contestants tell us it’s OK to show theirs.

There is some question as to whether Lunacon will actually happen next year. The con was begging for donations to meet this year’s expenses, and when Byron & Tina tried to buy memberships on Sunday for Lunacon 2013, there was no information available as to dates/guests, and they were told that “if they paid in advance and the con doesn’t happen next year, they can claim it as a tax-deductible donation”. Needless to say, they decided to wait. Susan said that she had a phone call about Lunacon programming for next year, asking if we are interested in offering a costume program track. That, of course, would depend upon whether the con happens!

Diane, Kathy & Susan recently went to a big quilt show held in Somerset. There were some really interesting clothing items, including jackets, in addition to the usual flat quilts. Julia Hyll had an entry there.


Upcoming Cons / Events:

Costume-Con 30: Who’s going? Byron & Tina will be driving to the con. Kathy plans to attend, maybe Sandy. Dora probably won’t, due to job conflicts. Elaine (who is also con chair) will of course be there, as will Aurora Celeste. Byron asked if we want to sponsor the con suite; Friday and Sunday mornings are still available. It was decided that there would be too few of us to “man” the suite for the period, as well as financial constraints on our treasury. Diane gave B&T her quilts to take with them for the quilt exhibit.

Chicon (WorldCon 2012): Byron is running the Chicon Masquerade, and is still trying to fill support positions. Dr. Karen is in charge of finding the half-time entertainment. One possibility is a performance by Morris dancers.

Balticon: Byron & Tina and the Kovalcins said they will be going

Dragon Con: Diane said that at least some of her family will be there. She may not be there, as Merlin filming starts the next weekend, so she may be in Paris instead. Jim & Laura will, but Deanna will be starting college.

Philcon: (11/9-11) Byron & Tina haven’t decided if they will attend – they may be in burnout following Chicon. Byron said that Rob had the largest masquerade last year in recent memory.

Museum Exhibits (present and future) and other items of interest:

Susan said that she heard something on NY radio which suggested that there may be a Game of Thrones exhibit coming up. We’ll keep on the watch for it.

Other items/events and general nattering:

Diane said that Williams-Sonoma is offering Darth Vader and R2D2 spatulas in conjunction with the Star Wars anniversary coming up.

Part of Dr. Who is going to be filmed in NYC, but no information as to dates.

Byron showed an interesting article in Model Railroader magazine, about how to create solid 3-D images from computer files. This may have costuming potential.

Diane is taking Deanna to Paris in June as a graduation present.

Upcoming meetings:

The June 2 meeting was changed to June 9, at Diane’s. Because we all forgot to bring our sewing machines & feet to this meeting, Costume Podiatry will take place at the June meeting instead.

August 11: Byron & Tina will host, probably at a hotel location near Morristown.

October 13: at Diane’s

Workshop:. (See above). Also pending: a proposed workshop on gussets.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.