June 9. 2012 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Diane @ Kendall Park, NJ

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Diane, Kathy D., Byron & Tina, Marcy, Rich & Stephanie, Rob & Sandy, Toni (the usual suspects).

Official Stuph:

Tina distributed copies of the 3/31 meeting minutes. They were approved, with correction of one typo (last line of Membership Status: “heving” corrected to “having”).

Marcy gave the Treasurer’s report. As of the most recent statement, we had a balance of $1,191.26. The $600 check for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses has not yet cleared. She said that Susan, who has been providing our internet website out of her own pocket up until now, has informed her that she can no longer afford to do so without reimbursement. She has already fronted $339.50 on our behalf, and the annual renewal rate is going up to $150 in August. The domain name “sickpupsnot.org” is ours until 2015, at which time we will have to renew it. Tina proposed that we reimburse her for the amount she is out of pocket so far ($339.50), and take up the matter of the $150 renewal fee in August. This was approved. We also owe Kathy $60 for postage for meeting notices sent. Byron pointed out that if we qualify for not-for-profit status (under the aegis of the ICG) some members may be willing to make tax-deductible donations to help our finances.

Sandy called Elaine (in Tuscon) for the Corresponding Secretary’s report. There wasn’t really anything to report, but we socialized by phone for a few minutes.

President’s Report: One of Diane’s quilts which she sent to Costume-Con won an award (Byron presented her with the award certificate and ribbon). She had entered them as for “Exhibition Only” since she didn’t have a CC membership, but the judges wanted to give one of them an award anyway, and did so.

Prez of Vice: Pennsic starts @ the end of July - “there should be lots of Vice there”. It’s so huge, they even have their own zip code! Rob said that Pennsic, over the years, has given the local community two ambulances and a fire truck, so the locals really like them.

Tax Exempt Status?: We need to submit a Uniform Governing Instrument and a (2011) balance sheet from our Treasurer. Chapter members who are not ICG members are covered under the last bullet point. After a brief discussion, the consensus was that it would be better to apply to the ICG than to the IRS. A motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously which covered both acceptance of the ICG umbrella and authorized Byron to sign the necessary paperwork.

Activities and Con Reports:

Costume-Con 30: Byron said they had about 350 attendees, which is about average. All of the competitions had a good turnout. Aurora’s niece was in the Historical, as a 1920's period Brownie (Scout). Hotel was good, aside from serious deficiencies in their restaurant menus -- almost entirely Tex-Mex, and no variety between the two venues of restaurant (breakfast and lunch only) and the bar area. One of the costume competition directors was a real control freak – micro-managed everything, including things she had no business with, and screwed up the seating setup so that it was impossible to socialize afterwards. He is not willing to ever work with her again. Kathy said that she felt that the time allocated and the need for extra hotel days restricted the number of people who were willing to participate in the Project Runway-style competition. She went to the Fascinators and Steampunk Goggles workshops, and showed us the resulting accessories, which were very nice.

Balticon: Stephanie said that the hotel’s stage decking and risers are in horrible condition. Staff were shimming them to try to level them, etc. Hunt Valley should trash half of them, but probably can’t afford to replace them. Byron (who was a judge): there were 24 entries, including seven kids. A Spazzy was awarded. Diane thought that the programming was rather dull, and that the science programming didn’t seem to be as “cutting edge” as usual. Old friends spotted at the con – Denice and Warren.

Costume-Con 33 Planning: Rob & Sandy will be hotel shopping for Charleston hotels during the second week of October. They’ve been doing house shopping on-line. Houses in that area don’t have basements, due to high water table. Sandy has made the first cut for a possible job with Southwest Airlines. They’ve sent off boxes of CC-33 promotional info to Janet, Elaine and the St. Louis Guild chapter, and brought a box to us. They said that there are a number of interesting Charleston area museums and historic sites, and that it’s a great foodie city.

Museum visits:

A while back Toni and Pella went to Washington to see the Anglo-Saxon Hoard exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. Toni said it was Wonderful! Marvelous! The following day, they went to see the Glencairn (castle) Museum near Philly. The museum was holding a medieval fair that day. Toni got a pilgrim hood, seashell and pouch. There were demos of how to make stained glass. Overall, amazing!

Kathy mentioned the Isabella Stewart Gardner garden and museum in Boston near the Fine Art Museum. She said that visitors who are named Isabella get in for free.

Sandy mentioned the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, 5/12 - 10/14) and the Maya 2012 exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology (5/5 - 1/13/13). Byron & Tina have already been to see the latter – it was very interesting. The world won’t actually end in December 2012 – their calendars stopped there because the Spanish killed them all.

NYC Exhibits & shows: Toni said that the Discovery Museum has Chinese terra cotta statues. Diane said that she went to see “Potted Potter” and that it was hilarious. She and Kathy also went to see “Sister Act” and she said that the finale was very Glitziana. She went to see the Schiaparelli & Prada exhibit at the Met, and thought it was very costumey. She also liked the Met’s new Byzantium Meets Islam exhibit, which includes textiles from the 7th & 8th centuries and lots of clothing.

Diane’s Travels Abroad: Diane will be staying a night at Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. She and Deanna will be doing Buckingham Palace & Paris, but Deanna has to return early for a Cooper Union course, so Diane will continue alone to Hever Castle & Wales. She and Toni are planning a trip together in 2014 to see Wales. In October, she (or she and Jim - my notes weren’t clear on that) is going to tour Jordan & Israel. Then in January, the family will be taking a cruise to Malaysia and Bali. (Diane, we all hate you!)

Upcoming Cons / Events:

Chicon (WorldCon 2012): Byron is running the Chicon Masquerade, and is still trying to fill some positions. Dr. Karen is in charge of finding the half-time entertainment. Toni has agreed to be Head of Backstage Ninjas.

Dragon Con: Diane said that only Jim & Laura will be going this year.

Medieval Faire at the Cloisters: First Sunday of October.

Albacon: 10/18-21 (the 18th is a Writers Workshop). Byron: no masquerade, but hall costume prizes, and another try at a High Tea. Nice relaxacon.

Philcon: 11/9-11: Lisa Ashton is doing costume programming.

Darkover: 11/23 - 25: Sandy will be going. Byron & Tina were disappointed with the way it has changed over the years – “you can’t go home again”.

SMOFcon: 11/30 - 12/2: Rob & Sandy will be going, to publicize CC-33, as well as 31 & 32.

Arisia 2013: 1/18 - 21/13: Byron will be running the Green Room. Sandy is working on a presentation.

Lunacon: 3/15 - 17/13: Apparently there will be another Lunacon. Of course, they don’t have any Guests of Honor yet. Or anyone running their masquerade, if they have one. We haven’t forgotten the Green Closet last year! And the hotel is no longer as nice as it was before they started making changes. Sandy said that it is his understanding that the Lunarians have lost their non-profit status. And that he has heard that Shirt and Stacey are planning a NYC WorldCon bid. We all found that idea hysterically funny.

Before adjourning the meeting for the workshop, Byron asked the members to try to think of ways to increase the Pups visibility, for discussion at the next meeting. The SLUTS have also been discussing this. They like to be seen, go to cons in costume. At cons such as anime cons, the attendees expect people to be in costume.



Upcoming meetings:

August 11: Byron & Tina will host, probably at a Hyatt House (formerly called Summerfield Suites) location near Morristown.

October 13: Diane said that she will be unable to host as previously indicated, as she will be in Israel at that time. New location TBA.


Workshop:. There was a useful demo and discussion of the various types and uses of sewing machine feet & attachments. Next meeting’s workshop will be Sewing Velvet. Also pending: a proposed workshop on gussets.