June 11, 2011 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Diane @ Kendall Park, NJ

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Diane (host) & Jim, Byron & Tina, Rich & Stephanie, Susan T., Marcy, Kathy D.

The minutes of the April 12th meeting were approved as written.

Marcy gave the Treasurer’s report. As of the statement ending 5/31, we had a balance of $1,242.70. Susan said she had some Pups-website-related expenditures, such as renewal of website registration, domain name fees, etc., which she has been paying out of pocket. Probably approx. $100; she will give Marcy itemized list.

Byron commented upon recent ICG activity. (Byron is temporarily continued as ICG representative for the Pups, as Dora’s dues have not yet been paid.) ICG is in the black. It has 347 members, in 17 chapters. All officers were reelected.

Con Reports:

There was a lot of feedback about CC 29.

Diane took the tour group to NYC - she started with 13 people, but 4 separated once they got there. Everyone got maps and directions in case anyone got lost. The Game of Thrones exhibit at the HBO Store had 5 or 6 costumes on display, and they rotate the exhibits. Unusually, one could touch the exhibits. They hit the bead district, M&J Trim, the FIT exhibit, then after lunch took the subway to 42nd St. to go fabric shopping. Everybody bought lots of stuff and said they had a good time.

Con Suite highlights: Canadian contingent & crepes, Northern Lights con suite support. Byron said he was disappointed at how few sponsors there were; nothing from CC 30 or 31, or most other chapters.

Masquerades: Byron said that there was an enormous shift in emphasis this time on Historical. Of the 16 entries, 13 were entered as Historical Dress.

General commentary: poor information about panels & workshops. There was one big list of the panels posted in the downstairs lobby, but in many cases panelists didn’t even know who would be on a panel/workshop with them. The con really needed a big bulletin board with everything posted. It was also felt that there were too many panels relative to workshops. Shirt was very good as CC’s Logistics head, and Stacey is an excellent graphic artist; she was able to come up with award certificates for us on short notice.

Balticon: Diane said that Balticon was good. The masquerade had 30 entries, including several CC costumes entered out of competition. The show was really good, and there was a lot more anime. The science program was good. Jim said that there was a lot more biological science items this time. Ben Bova and Vincent diFate (GoHs) were very good; diFate’s slide show was Golden Age art work. The other “event” at Balticon was Sue deGuardiola’s birthday party, held in the Wegman’s food court across the street. There were 4 cakes, and at least 40 people. Carol Salemi, Lisa & others came dressed in a Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

Lunacon 2012 (upcoming): Concerns voiced about con management and dropping attendance. We are looking for workshop/panel suggestions, if there is to be a costume program track. Sandy will be running the Masquerade. Publicity is poor - inadequate utilization of free media such as Facebook to push con (this is true of other cons, such as Philcon, as well). Byron commented with regard to Facebook, that some SF professionals seem to spend so much time on Facebook, when do they find time to write/paint as well?

Philcon 2011 (upcoming): The faction of PSFS who want to change the focus of Philcon to a “literary” con not only are ignoring the traditions of Philcon, but fail to recognize that there is also a much better established literary con in the Northeast, ReaderCon. They are unlikely to draw enough members on that basis alone.

Renovation (WorldCon): Byron will be running the Green Room, and both he and Tina are scheduled to be on costume programming. They will be taking an extra day after the con to do museums. Carson City, just 30 miles south of Reno, is the state capital, and has both the state museum and a train museum.

Other Upcoming WorldCons: 2012 will be Chicago, 2013 San Antonio, and London is bidding for 2014.

Costume-Cons: Toronto won the bid for Costume-Con in 2013.

Other items/events and general nattering:

Byron: we need to get certificates to all Spazzy winners. We also should generate a new Spazzy certificate design, and post a list of winners on the website. Get sample of old certificate from Toni. Does Dora have any?

New production of Pups patches: Marcy checked her sources. It will be too expensive, at $10+ each. It was noted that both Marty and the Pettingers have embroidery machines – we can ask them for advice.

Diane: The Kovalcins will be going to DragonCon again this year (guests: Nimoy, Shatner). She will also be going for a cruise on the Oasis of the Seas mega-cruise ship, from Ft. Lauderdale to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel. It has a mall, wave pool, carousel, water feature and a daily parade. She will give a report when she gets back.

Susan, Byron, et al: Please give Susan pictures for the website, and do something with your personal page. Let Susan know if anything needs to be fixed (Byron requested: fix Lunacon Masquerade Director info, put handouts on the “useful stuff” page). Diane’s lace pictures from Venice would be good to put up. Tina will give Susan some Brooklyn Museum costume exhibit pictures.

Byron: ICG Archives Gallery: Folders for chapters to load up. Archives can also provide to chapters videos of “Costumes you should see / costumes you should know.” Everyone should pick out pictures of themselves or other Pups for the Pups’ folder.

Diane: Game of Thrones is grungy but interesting. Ethnic differences are very well done. Byron said that Daeneris’ hair is a wig; she is not a blonde. Diane: The TV show Camelot is so boring it will probably only last one season. Morgan le Fay is the high point. Costumes are interesting; they seem to be Byzantine influenced. The Tudors is showing on BBC/Showtime. Costumes are not accurate, but are very well done.

Upcoming meetings: Byron & Tina will host the next one, on August 6th at the Morristown Hyatt Summerfield Suites. This is not the one we have used in the past, but the one closer to Morristown.

After some discussion as to various conflicts (cons, trips, Halloween, etc.) it was decided that the best next meeting date will be November 5th, at Diane’s. (Note: this was changed to Sunday, 11/6, at the following meeting.)