Minutes of the NJ / NY Costumers’ Guild (aka The Sick Pups) Meeting on 6/26/10

Held at the Hasbrouck Heights (NJ) Hilton, in conjunction w. CC-29 meeting

In attendance: Dora, Carl, Sandy, Byron & Tina, Kathy D., Diane, Rich & Stephanie, Marcy, Sue T., Toni, Warren, Ann C., Devra & Lily, Mr. & Mrs. Shirt.


Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted, after Byron’s motion to have them chanted was ruled out of order.

Treasurer’s Report: There is presently $1,412.11 in the Pups’ account. Aurora has joined the Pups. Carl is a Perpetual Pup.

Recent Cons & Exhibitions:

Balticon: Masquerade was good. Marty ran it. Sandy was one of the judges. A CC-29 membership was awarded to Best Novice.

Metropolitan Costume Exhibit: (Byron): It is spectacular! It is on the 2nd floor, not down in the usual Costume Institute basement space. It is well lighted,; one can see the costumes quite well. Byron & Tina also visited the exhibit at the Michener Museum; it had a number of very interesting costumes from movie productions, but a number of items are mis-labeled (such as leather hood described as chain mail). Byron & Tina plan to visit the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum the day following the meeting.

ICG Doings: At the recent Costume-Con, our own Ann C. was elected as President (we figure she didn’t run away fast enough!). “Thimble 2010" is the password to view the ICG newsletter on the ICG website.

Sue T. Asked us to provide her with more pictures of “Once and Future Pups” for the Pups website. She wants to put in more useful links (such as to Devra’s Poison Pen Press) and add reviews.

Upcoming Cons:

NASFIC: First week of August. Byron put in a plug for the NASFIC Masquerade, which he is directing. It will be held in the Raleigh Convention Center. He will be promoting CC-29 at the con. Attendance is likely to be well under 1,000 people. NASFIC was, unfortunately, scheduled opposite Pennsic, and only shortly before DragonCon.

DragonCon: Dora has new flyers to take along; Diane said that she would be attending and will hand out lots of flyers. DragonCon is heavily attended by costumers. Barbara Eden will be there.

Albacon: Columbus Day weekend. Byron said that it is positioned opposite NYC ComicCon. Allen Steele is GOH, Lisa Ashton is Fan GOH. Byron is looking for ideas for programming, panels, workshops, demos.

Marty will take CC-29 flyers to ComicCon. Flyers will also be carried to LosCon and the ComicCon in Memphis. Devra will be going to a big SCA meet in New Hampshire, and will take some.

Philcon & DarkoverCon will be in November, on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving weekend, respectively. Peter Beagle (The Last Unicorn) is GOH @ Philcon, and the Clams are featured guests @ DarkoverCon. Dora said we may have to go back to our roots @ Philcon (technologically) with only “house lights on / house lights off”. Carl said that he has an early video which shows Tina with a flashlight and Byron with a boom box.

Lunacon: There may not be a Masquerade in 2011; they don’t know if they can get a tech director. Possibly a Masked Ball theme instead. The Lunacon website is much better this year.

Sandy said that there is a big steampunk get-together in Philly at the Warwick on the 1st Thursday of each month.

Upcoming dates:

The next Pups meeting will be on the 21st of August, at the Summerfield Suites in Hanover. In October it will be on 10/23 at Diane’s house (Tina will bring birthday cake for Byron & Diane), and in December, on 12/4, again at Diane’s.

The meeting was adjourned @ 2:35. CC-29 meeting followed, after a brief break.