July 1, 2015 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Meeting held at 9Pi-Con, in Hartford, CT

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Debi (host), Byron & Tina, Lin, Aurora Celeste, Rich & Stephanie, guest (9Pi-Con member) Kris from RI.

The meeting was called to (dis)order by Byron (standing in for our Prez and Vice-Prez, who were both in Ireland) at 11:12. He welcomed our guest attendee, as well as those Pups who normally can’t make it to meetings. He also briefly summarized “Who are the Pups” for the benefit of our guest.

Official Stuph:

Review of Minutes: minutes from the June 13th meeting were approved, with Lin acting as official nay-sayer.

Treasurer: As of 6/30, we had $379.29 in the account.

President’s Report: There was no President’s report from Kathy.

Byron: ICG directors’ activities: There is a motion before the Board to recognize LACE, the Lower Arizona Costuming Enthusiasts chapter. There are no applications in hand for the Marty Gear (Costuming Arts and Sciences) Fund. Byron was asked to explain what the Fund is about. Lin asked what qualifies, and are there examples on the website. Byron said that only two grants have been awarded so far, Miss Lizzie/Lisa Ashton and Richard Man. Information about the Fund, how to apply for a grant, rules, the two grants made, and so forth are on the website. He also said that the ICG maintains a library of photos, videos and film which is the largest archive of costume masquerade material in the world.


Member Activities:

Byron and Tina went to the ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ exhibit at the Met Museum; the Met has extended the exhibit through 9/7 (Labor Day). There were some amazing pieces on display, both in the main exhibit area and in the Costume Institute gallery space. They also purchased the lavishly illustrated exhibition catalogue. Tina also mentioned the Van Gogh and ‘Whistler’s Mother’ exhibits at the Sterling & Francine Clark Institute in Williamstown, MA. Debi said that she is trying to get a copy of the video of the Hollywood Exhibit at the (Philadelphia?) Flower Show. She also mentioned a chocolate convention in Boston, which she described as ‘chocolate overload.’


Upcoming Events and Cons:

Sasquan (WorldCon Spokane, WA, 8/19-23): At present, Sasquan has over 10,000 members (including supporting), and they are expecting approx. 4,000-5,000 to show up. There will be a live broadcast from an astronaut on the International Space Station for the Opening Ceremony. Debi is doing the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

DeepSouthCon (New Orleans, 10/2 - 4) Debi said that she is planning to attend, and that they expect approx. 1,000 attendees.

World Fantasy Con (Saratoga Springs, NY, 11/5 - 8): Has reached their cap, and has a waiting list. The main hotel is full and has a waiting list, and they have an overflow hotel nearby. Lots of authors, artists, and publishers, a juried art show, limited programming.

Philcon (11/20 - 22 – weekend before Thanksgiving): Wen Spencer will be their Principal Speaker, and Richard Hescox their Art GoH.

Arisia (1/15 - 18, 2016 – Martin Luther King weekend): John Scalzi & Johnna Klukas are GoHs. Same hotel as usual. Byron & Tina, Rich & Stephanie will be going. Byron said that Jim will be running the masquerade again. Byron said that he hasn’t been asked yet, but will probably be running the Green Room.

Albacon 2016 (3/4 - 6, 2016): Byron handed out flyers for the con. David Weber will be our GoH. An Art GoH has not yet been selected. There will be a writers’ workshop again. This year we had cash prizes for Saturday hall costumes. For 2016 we are hoping to have costume and anime program tracks in addition to the literary track.


Upcoming Meetings / Workshops – set dates beyond Pi-Con:

10/17: Byron & Tina will be hosting, at the Hyatt House in White Plains. That is located within a couple of miles of the Westchester Hilton (Lunacon hotel).

12/5: at Diane’s house.

3/12/16: To be determined. Weekend between Albacon and Lunacon.

Meeting was adjourned (relapse into chaos) at 12:56 pm.