August 11. 2012 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Byron & Tina @ Morristown, NJ

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Byron & Tina, Diane, Kathy D., Marcy, Rich & Stephanie, Susan T.

Official Stuph:

Tina distributed copies of the 6/9 meeting minutes. They were approved

Marcy gave the Treasurer’s report. As of the 7/31 statement, we had a balance of $191.26. She asked if Bruce @ ICG was satisfied with the materials she sent him. Byron responded that they were just fine, and that as far as he can tell we have met our obligation to the ICG for inclusion under the ICG’s 501(c)(3) umbrella.

Activities and Con Reports:

Diane tantalized us with her descriptions of her recent travels to England and France. She was at the Merlin filming for 3 days; there are some beautiful new costumes. Then she picked up Deanna and went to Paris and Versailles, then back to London & Buckingham Palace. She said Eustace St. in London, which stood in for Baker Street for filming of Sherlock, was very ordinary looking. Hever Castle was marvelous; she spent 2 days there. She went to Gloucester, where she arrived just in time for evensong. The Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire is believed to have inspired Tolkien with images of the Shire and other “Ring” locations. Then she drove around, saw lots of Dr. Who locations, and in Wales mostly castles in ruins. More recently, she went to see Porgy & Bess with Kathy. Byron mentioned that P&B was originally a novel, then a stage play, before finally being performed as a musical.

Kathy commented on Peter and the Starcatchers: A prequel to Peter Pan, it was delightful, with an ensemble cast, cute story, lots of puns, and clever enough for adults to enjoy.

Shore Leave: Rich & Stephanie said there was a (steampunk style) hat making workshop at the tea party, but they provided the wrong type of glue so they wouldn’t stick together properly. Also, it was frustrating because workshops were counter-programmed against ballroom events. Jeannette Holloman was a judge for the costume competition.

There were a number of comments about the Olympic coverage. The opening ceremony visuals were really great – transformation from pastoral scene to modern industrial. Disappointment about timing of some of the competitions – hard to catch, with the time difference.


Chicon: Byron has 5 entries so far (that’s 5 more than he had at this point before Anticipation), and knows of others who are expecting to come. He has his judges, but he still needs a judges’ clerk and data entry people for the Masq. signup table. Things seem to be coming together pretty well (physical setups, volunteers, etc.).

DragonCon: Kathy plans to attend DragonCon. Byron said that there will be some joint events simulcast between DragonCon and Chicon. The Chicon masquerade can’t be one of them, due to music licensing issues.

Albacon: (10/19-21) Starts on the 18th with writers workshop. This is a new venue. There will be a shuttle from the train station as well as the airport. The hotel has lots of function space. A High Tea is planned, at a local tea house. No masquerade, just hall costumes.

Philcon: Marcy said that she had just spoken to Rob. He will be Masquerade Director, and will be training someone new. Byron & Tina will attend if not too burned out following Chicon.

Arisia: Byron has heard that they want to move the Masquerade to Sunday evening (this will be inconvenient for those who have to leave, go to work the following day), but he hasn’t heard anything officially yet. Stephanie said that NOEL is trying to dissuade them from doing so. Byron will be running their Green Room, but said that he is regarding 2013 as a sabbatical year – he has no con responsibilities (except Arisia), including CC-31.

Lunacon: Mr. Shirt wants us to help with the program and promote the con. Tina commented that it’s hard to promote when there’s no information. Susan said that she will come if she can get a roommate. Diane said that she and Laura will come, go on stage. Susan also said that various interest groups really need to be contacted, anime, steampunk, etc. – the NJ steampunk con pulled 4,000 attendees. Diane will contact Mike about willingness to be Masquerade Director for Lunacon; Byron will give him assistance. Byron said we should contact Lisa, ask her which ideas she isn’t using for Philcon so we can use them for Lunacon.


The Stickley Museum in NJ (near Morristown) will be having a 1910's vintage fashion exhibit. It will be running at the time of our next meeting. Byron suggested a field trip, instead of our usual style of meeting. Admission to the museum is $8, and $5 for seniors & students.


New Business:

Pups Website: Susan said that she would front the upcoming fees with a credit card and wait until January (when the treasury is somewhat refreshed) for reimbursement. Byron said we are not going to be simplifying our website so as to be less expensive. He suggested putting samples on the ICG photo site, with a link “for more, go to ...” to get people to link to us. He said we need to take an active role on the website with what we will be doing at cons: “we look forward to seeing you at “ABC”; we will be doing “XYZ” there.”

Finding new Pups: Kathy went to the membership building panel @ CC-30 and took lots of notes. Public meetings at libraries, Michael’s classroom events, costume events, photo shoots are all possibilities. Byron said, however, that those don’t bring in new members for the SLUTS, they primarily draw from Archon. Susan suggested getting a fan table at Anime Next and Steampunk Worlds’ Fair. We have to be willing to change. Anime Next is in June - Diane will ask Laura about what they have (one day memberships, fan tables?) Byron said that we will try to arrange to hold open meetings at Philcon and Lunacon (“Meet the Pups”) – members should attend and wear costumes. Ask for suggestions, things people would like to see. Marcy suggested that we also bring a list of possible workshops (with dates) to the open meetings. Byron suggested that if we can get a meeting room at Philcon, we should bring stuff we have made, and talk about/show how it was done.

Meeting Scheduling: Marcy pointed out that we often don’t start planned workshops early enough and we should do more projects. There was considerable back-and-forth, and it was decided that we will try to start on time, keep business and shmoozing short, aim to start workshop (or other planned activity) at 2:00. And to put that on the meeting notice, so everyone will be aware.

Possible workshop ideas: Diane suggested Origami (flowers?), how to work with and modify a pattern, how to make a sloper, how to use it once you have one. Byron suggested posting topics on the website and Facebook (with “presenter TBA”). Susan suggested beading, and Byron hats & fascinators. Also suggested: working with stretch fabrics, and an “unfinished costume problem solving” workshop.

Pups’ Guild mailing addresses: Marcy’s new address for financial matters is her home address in Pennsylvania. Byron feels that the Pups’ official address should be in NJ or NY. He said that we can use the Connell’s Dove St. address if we want, for (non-Elaine) correspondence, and Marcy’s for financials.

Upcoming meetings:

October 13: Since we will be doing a field trip to the Stickley Museum, Byron & Tina will host, at the Hyatt House in Whippany. The museum is only a couple of miles from there.


December 8: Diane’s house

February 9: Diane’s house, or possibly Marcy’s (Note: subsequent to this meeting, it was requested that this date be changed. It may be either 2/2 or 2/23 instead, TBD.)