August 21, 2010 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Byron & Tina @ the Summerfield Suites, Parsippany/Whippany, NJ


Attendees: Byron & Tina, Rich & Stephanie, Susan T., Marcie



Byron moved that we chant the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion was defeated by acclamation.  The minutes were approved as written.


Marcie gave the Treasurer’s report. Our most current statement had a balance of $1,431.07.  New members: Sandy & Rob and Aurora Celeste (both secondary memberships).


We all agreed that Susan is doing a great job with the website. She said that if anyone wants changes they should send her feedback.


We need to schedule an election of officers, as well as clarify contacts for the Board of Directors of the ICG. Elaine wants to continue as Corresponding Secretary, but her address is still shown as being at Dora’s address. Tina had a suggestion of a person to consider for President of Vice (not listed here – it’s to be a surprise to the poor unfortunate!).  It was agreed (though without a quorum, given the meeting attendance) that it would be good to schedule election of officers for 2011 at the December meeting, and Kathy will be asked to include that in the mailing for the 12/4 meeting. That should also be posted on the website and to the Pups Yahoo group.  Members should plan to come to the December meeting and vote (protect themselves from being nominated).


Con Reports:

NASFiC report: (Byron & Tina) Small attendance for a NASFiC. Byron spent most of the con at the Masquerade registration table. There were hardly any costumers there. Ken & Vicky had to cancel, Sandy was in the hospital with chest pains, and Marty had by-pass surgery just before the con. A very small Masquerade, all novices except for Lisa Ashton. Only two planned entries, Lisa and two girls in duct tape outfits which were very well done; the rest were hall costumers we dragooned onto stage. Tina ended up doing double duty, as both Repair Table and Workmanship Judge. Presentation judges were Carole Parker, John Upton, and Allen Wold; Rock Robertson (PSFS) was judges’ clerk; jan finder was MC; Lenny Provenzano was official photographer; Bill Harrison ran tech; Eric Cannon did video; and Sue Kulinyi was stage manager.

The art show was so small the art auction was canceled. The Dealers Room was also on the small side (we only bought 21 books).

Thanks to the “1632” group holding their annual mini-con at NASFiC (Eric Flint was GoH), there were some good program items. Virginia DeMarce, who holds a PhD in early modern European history, gave a very interesting talk about clothing in the period (that’s clothing, as distinct from the sort of fancy court dress seen in portraits of royalty & nobility). She showed a number of slides to illustrate her points. Tina was fascinated to learn that black was very difficult to achieve with period dyes, and as a result was quite expensive. All those portraits of burghers and middle class merchants in black were not to say that they were very staid and puritanical, but rather said “Hey, look, I can afford the most expensively dyed fabric to wear, and am so well off that I can also dress my wife and children in it as well”.  Susan said that she sounds like she would be a great Costume-Con guest. Eric Flint gave a talk (not, he said, a GoH speech), told a little about his background, talked about collaborations and upcoming books planned, and had a Q&A session afterwards.

The Raleigh convention center was very nice, and the hotels were comfortable. There was a plaza adjacent lined with restaurants & bars, so there were plenty of food options. It was terribly hot, however, and there were a couple of heavy downpours that caused local flooding.


Other Events:

Susan said that Byron’s comments about the costume exhibits at the Met and the Brooklyn Museum were absolutely right. She was very impressed by the French fashion doll exhibit. The Brooklyn Museum is a national research center. Philly, the Met and Brooklyn are merging their maintenance and preservation efforts.

Byron & Tina talked about the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and Rich & Stephanie talked about the Shakespeare Theatre in New Jersey and the Barrington Stage Company.


Byron urged everyone to come to Albacon. Lisa A. is Fan/Costume Guest of Honor, and will be doing a retrospective of her costumes and a beading workshop. Byron has some ideas for costume programming. Rich & Stephanie said they plan to attend.


Susan said that Tom Willeford is now doing steampunk garments and props, in addition to corsetry (Brute Force Leather). It was felt that he would be an asset to CC-29 if he comes. She suggested a workshop on prop building, such as steampunk guns. There was also mention of Carol Salemi doing a hat demo.

Jim K. will be doing a steampunk outfit. That venue is one which offers things for male costumers to do.