10/23/10 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Held at Diane’s house, Kendall Park, NJ

Attendees: Diane, Byron & Tina, Toni, Marcy, Kathy D.

Minutes were reviewed and approved as written.

Treasurer’s report: As of the September statement, we had $1,431.07 in the treasury. Marcy said that she sends ICG membership money in to the ICG as it comes in. She circulated the current membership list for review and corrections. She asked for clarification (did anyone know who this is?) re: a recent new member. Byron was able to tell her that this person’s nom de con is Aurora Celeste.

The next meeting notice will include notice of Election of Officers and membership renewal reminder. Come and defend yourself.

Given the small attendance we mostly talked about upcoming conventions.

Next up: Philcon. Lisa has most of us on program. Marcy asked if anyone has organized the Masquerade sign-up table. Byron said that Dora will be doing that; those manning the table will need to work around the programming schedule. Byron, Tina, Diane all have program items, as do other Pups who will be there. Byron & Tina have decided to go to DarkoverCon (Armida Grand Council) the weekend following Philcon for the first time in many years. Katherine Kurtz and Clam Chowder will be in attendance.

Arisia: Toni will be going, as will Byron & Tina. Sharon Sbarsky is Masquerade Director this year, not Doctor Karen. Toni signed up to be on several panels. Tina signed up for a couple of possible program items as well.

Lunacon: Diane has hotel reservations already. Got tired of waiting for action on the website, and called the hotel directly and said she was attending Lunacon. Byron said that while Shirt said at the last CC 29 meeting that there may not be a masquerade, the con web site still lists one. The con is having problems finding willing tech staff. Byron commented that Shirt is excellent at running Con Operations.

Balticon: Diane said that she and Jim go every year for the science track, which is very good.

Albacon: In 2011, it will be held on 10/21-23. This year it was opposite a Cape Cod writers’ workshop, the NYC comic con, and a major anime con, and attendance suffered as a result. The masquerade had to be canceled, as no one signed up.

Reno/WorldCon (Renovation): Toni plans to stay at the Courtyard, which is not especially close but which is completely non-smoking (apparently Nevada hasn’t gone the no-smoking in public places route yet). The con shuttle is not expected to run that far; she is looking up local bus schedules. She said that the committee says that one does not have to pass through smoking areas to reach the con’s space. Byron said that he and Tina will be staying at the Peppermill, in order to be close to the Masquerade venue. Hotel booking has not opened yet.

The next (2012) WorldCon: Chicon has been scheduled opposite DragonCon; it will be interesting to see how that affects attendance. Byron commented on the Green Room at the last Chicon. It was four floors above the stage area, and the contestants had to get there via freight elevator. Chicon manages to space their bids just far enough apart for people to have forgotten the things that went wrong at the last one.

Byron said that he was looking forward to another WorldCon in San Antonio. He enjoyed the last one very much.

There was a brief discussion of various aspects of CC-29. Toni said that she wished that we were getting better feedback from Dora.

Diane is still looking into do-able tour possibilities. She will also check on the cost to hire a van & driver for a day. She said that in addition to places to tour/visit, it would be good to include a “short list” of places we know of in Manhattan that have good food. Byron & Tina said that, while it may be a bit out of the way, they could heartily recommend Marchi’s (North Italian) restaurant for dinner (located on 31st, just off 2nd). They’ve been eating there every chance they get for over 40 years. There isn’t any menu to select from – everyone gets the same prix fixe meal - but it’s five lavish courses, which require restraint if one is going to make it to the delicious desserts (plural) at the end. Tina said that she would provide the link to Diane (http://www.marchirestaurant.com/).

Toni said that Juniors has wonderful cheesecake (Grand Central Station and Times Square). The food court in Grand Central Station is good – lots of options and the food is generally good. Also mentioned was the Macy’s Basement deli on Times Square. The NYC Zagat guide lets one check on food, service and price scoring.

For those who prefer to explore on their own, we need to work up a list of attractions (there are also NYC tourism web sites available), places to avoid, good places to shop. Besides the more common venues, the Library of Performing Arts and the Museum of Television and Radio were mentioned as being of interest to costumers. We should post links to subway and bus maps. Byron said that there are subway maps on line on the MTA website (http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us /index.html). Toni said that the #4 bus line stops at the Cloisters.

Workshop/panel possibilities: Tina mentioned the panel that she was on at Albacon, about costuming/sewing tools. At that panel she also, in addition to bringing sewing tools, showed the software she has added to her computer for cataloguing her sewing and costume reference books (384 so far, and she hasn’t entered Byron’s military reference books yet), as well as the complete Threads magazine archive through the end of 2009. Toni suggested that this has the potential for two workshops or panels at CC, one for tools (physical) and one for tools (virtual/electronic).

Non-CC news: Diane said that she will be going to Paris 2 weeks before CC-29. She will be going for the Merlin filming at the Chateau de Pierrefonds. A gorgeous chateau in April!

Before ending the meeting, we set the dates for future meetings. The next three meetings were scheduled.

February 5: Byron & Tina will host. It will probably not be at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites location that we have used the last couple of times. May be at the Embassy Suites in Parsippany. That is easy to get to, just off of I-80, Rte. 46, and I-287.

April 2: at Diane’s house. (Less than a month until CC! Eek!)

June 11: Venue not yet determined.