November 6, 2011 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Diane @ Kendall Park, NJ

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Diane (host), Laura K., Byron & Tina, Susan T., Kathy D., Marcy, Toni, Abi (guest).

Official Stuph: The minutes of the August 6th meeting were approved. Marcy gave the Treasurer’s report. As of the 10/31 statement, we had a balance of $1,267.70. At present the Pups number 23 households (some multiples/household). Marcy is moving. There is a new address for sending dues: PO Box 8084, Trenton NJ 08650-8084. Address any correspondence sent to that address to NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild, not to Marcy. It was pointed out that election time is coming up again at the next meeting. At present we have a President and Vice who are unable to preside, or even attend meetings.


Museum Exhibits (present and future) and other items of interest:

Bard Graduate Center (Manhattan) has an exhibit of hats. Kathy said that they have a good sampling of vintage hats, and some military. Admission is $8.

F.I.T. just closed its “Sporting Life” exhibit upstairs, and downstairs are showing socialite & designer clothes from the Daphne Guinness collection (ends early January). “Things from our collection, Part 1" will be opening later in November and will run until early May.

Toni said that the National Geographic Museum in Washington is showing “The Anglo Saxon Hoard” - a find of Dark Ages buried treasure. It runs until early March.

Museum of Fine Art, Boston: Byron mentioned the new exhibit of “Degas and the Nude” paintings (with the comment “no costume is no costume”), as well as one on British textiles and clothing (as affected by rationing) during World War II.


Activities and Con Reports:

Dragon Con: Diane said that it was even bigger than last year, (too many, approx. 45,000 attendees). They have improved the registration line process. There were lots of masquerades, at least 25% of the people there were in costume all the time. Two official masquerades. There were costuming, artist, etc. program tracks. Her Merlin panel went well.

NYC Comic Con: Laura went to Comic Con, and said that it has become way too big, that there may have been as many as 125,000 people there. The NY Anime Fest, which used to be at a different time of the year, has been combined with NYCCC. It was very commercial, with a huge dealers room. The dance troupe performance was moved from mid-day Saturday to early Sunday.

Archon (St. Louis area): Byron & Tina drove out there, via the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. The con had about 1,800 attendees as of Friday evening. Spider Robinson, GoH, was unable to attend physically and participated by video link. They have a huge gamers track, and game publishers come to the con with new games info. At Stratford they saw 4 shows, including Twelfth Night done as a rock musical. Byron said it was the best version of that he’s ever seen.

Renovation (WorldCon): (Toni, Byron & Tina) The con had fairly good attendance, and was competently run. It had a good masquerade; Drew Sanders made an appearance for the first time in ages, and Byron recruited him as a den mom. Tina worked the repair table. It was commented that Phil & Kaja Foglio should have toned down their MC schticks a bit. In the display area adjacent to the dealers area, the Game of Thrones sword throne was on display. Just about everyone wanted to have their picture taken on the throne. Byron said that David Hartwell told him that the series is running so long because the publisher (after the first volume was a huge success) told Martin to “pad” it and spin it out.

Upcoming Cons / Events:

Philcon: Byron & Tina will be going - doing green room and at least one panel as well.

Arisia: Toni said that they have sent out a list of potential panels to prospective panelists/attendees.

Lunacon: No information out as yet. Diane called the hotel directly, and they didn’t know anything about rates, etc. Byron & Tina have booked a room at a regular rate, to ensure that at least they will have a room. If the con ever gets its act together, they will change it to one in the con’s block.

Costume-Con 30: Diane asked B&T if they could take along her quilts. Byron said that they haven’t decided how they are traveling yet, and will get back to her.

Dress U: June 1-4, 2012 in the Philly area. for info.

Chicon (WorldCon 2012): Lots of things haven’t been decided yet, such as which ballroom will be used for the masquerade/Hugos. As Masquerade Director, Byron is looking for people for fan photo coordinator, judges & judges’ clerks, green room manager, repair table, etc. He’s also responsible for deciding what the half-time entertainment will be. (Tina said “just as long as it’s not Catherine Asaro trying to sing”.)

Albacon (10/18-21/12): Julie Czerneda, Jody A. Lee & Roberta Rogow.


Other items/events and general nattering:

Laura is making Abi’s wedding dress (Congratulations, Abi!).

Diane said that their Bermuda trip was fun. As extra bit of excitement was added when their ship rescued a boat in distress.

Tina took Byron to see “How To Succeed in Business...” (starring Daniel Radcliffe) for Byron’s 70th birthday, since Albacon was canceled. Radcliffe can definitely both sing and dance!


Upcoming meetings:

The January meeting (1/21) will feature a workshop on sewing machine feet. It was suggested that we announce a workshop on Podiatry.

The March (3/31) workshop will be about gussets.

June 2, 2012: Location and meeting topic/workshop to be decided.


Workshop: Diane gave an excellent demo workshop on various types of finish seaming techniques, with prepared samples and an illustrated handout. This will be posted on the website once a minor typo has been corrected.