December 8. 2012 Meeting of the NJ/NY Costumers’ Guild (aka, the Sick Pups)

Hosted by Diane K. at Kendall Park, NJ

Meeting Minutes presented by Tina Connell

Attendees: Diane, Byron & Tina, Kathy D., Marcy, Susan T., Laura K.

It was generally agreed to defer the workshop on modifying commercial patterns, as the member who especially was interested in this topic was unable to attend, and since those of us who were in attendance were generally familiar with the topic. So after the social hour we went directly to meeting, starting at 2:20.

Official Stuph:

Tina distributed copies of the 10/13 meeting minutes. They were approved. Marcy reported that the treasury is presently at $199.26, as of the end of October bank statement. She is now putting in new and renewal memberships. The “Meet the Pups” gathering at Philcon was not successful at gaining new members, but a couple of previous members rejoined. Marcy asked (hypothetically) what it would take for the Pups to welcome Bill back. This was received with a unanimous and emphatic NO! by all, as we were badly burned once, and have no desire to give him another go at us, especially since he hasn’t even apologized for his previous behavior.

Byron reported that we have been part of the ICG’s cover since October; therefore, donations will be tax deductible as long as we comply with the reporting requirements. ICG Business: Carole Parker is the new editor of “The International Costumer”, and the Board is in the middle of voting on the 2013 Budget. Byron said the ICG is in the black for the second year in a row. The Budget should be finalized by next week. The ICG website will have electronic back issues of the International Costumer on-line.

Susan said that the ICG could use a survey of different web providers, for pricing and reviews by those who have used them.

Activities and Con Reports:

Chicon: Byron commented on Chicon. There were over 4,500 in attendance, and over 5,000 members. The Masquerade had 25 entries and 2 scratches. For both the opening and half-time, the audience was entertained with a variety of ICG slide shows, which were very well received. As has been happening far too often in recent years with con hotels, the hotel closed its good restaurant during the con. Byron & Tina anticipated this, and managed to get out for some real food despite that.

DragonCon: Kathy reported. Over 45,000 people, but fewer than 50,000. About 25% of the attendees were in hall costumes. There was a lot of very elaborate stuff. She was able to get to most of the panels she wanted, but one loses a full hour between panels, just standing in line. Diane commented that because she didn’t book for next year immediately, the Hilton was already sold out, and they will have to stay at the Best Western next year.

Anime Next: Laura’s favorite anime group was there this year. A lot of beginning costumers come, and there is a lot of “closet” costuming. Susan suggested maybe give out hall costume award ribbons to publicize the Pups. Laura hasn’t seen anything like that at Anime before. We would want something bright & eye-catching. They cost pennies each at Hodges. Tina said she & Byron could get the ribbons, give to the Pups as a donation. They will look into it.

Albacon: Byron said Julie Czerneda is a wonderful GoH. She was also one of his MCs (two needed for bi-lingual) at Anticipation; she is very thorough and attended masquerades and observed MCs prior to doing so herself. She will shortly be publishing her first fantasy novel. Albacon did not have a masquerade, and will be a relaxacon next year

Philcon: Well, it happened. Lisa did a good job with the costume track programming, but Philcon programs things stupidly, such as programming dances opposite one another. Our “Meet the Pups” was on Friday evening, in an obscure location (in an unlighted room!), opposite the Meet The Pros party, so all we had were Pups and former Pups there. The stage movement panel was very successful.

Chicago Tardis: Kathy went, and said it seemed to be very well organized. They had 800 or so attendees, and had the usual activities, dealers room, autographing, etc. Attendees could, by paying extra, get reserved seating. They had a life-size Tardis & Daleks for photo ops. Henry Osier was masquerade director, and there were 20-25 entries, of which about half were hall costumes.

Byron asked, does anyone want to have their own Tardis? Joy Day is now creating refrigerator “skins” to turn one’s fridge into a (Tardis) Police Call Box. They cost $135 each, and are custom made to fit the model of refrigerator. She has applied to BBC for licensing.

Diane’s Merlin trip: Merlin has been cancelled. She was there for their last filming. The costumes are gorgeous! She especially commented on Gwen’s red velvet off the shoulder gown with lavish gold embroidery. Susan said that on Cat Devereaux’s list, Merlin is a hot topic, and several people want to make costumes. Diane says she has lots of good close-up photos of the costumes, and of the backs of costumes. Susan said we could put up a Merlin-interest folder on our website, and we all agreed that this could attract more people to the website.

While she was over there, she went to a vintage clothing exhibit (1880's-1930's) in the outskirts of Paris, and also that during a tour of Leeds Castle, there was a small costume exhibit of 1920's-30's clothing.

Materials and photos from the recent Stickley Craftsman Farms field trip (last meeting) were passed around. The costume exhibit will close on January 6th.

Diane went to FIT recently. They are running an exhibit of collegiate wear from the 20' & 30's, including a raccoon coat. A shoe exhibit is coming in the Spring.

Byron mentioned the upcoming traveling exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity, which will run from 2/26 - 5/27/13. There is a very nice exhibit book offered, as well.

Lunacon: Upcoming, weekend of 3/15-17: Mike Rovner will be Masquerade Director. We are still looking for someone to run costume programming. Some information and program suggestions were sent to Lunacon programming, but so far no response. Susan said that she was able to get Locus to add Lunacon to their con listing; she also sent info to Erwin Strauss (“Filthy Pierre”), but hasn’t heard back. Carole Salemi said at Philcon that she is willing to do a beading workshop and something else. We’ll all need to help Mike with the masquerade, both backstage, and by putting costumes on stage.


Upcoming Meetings / Workshops:

February (2/2): how to make a sloper, at Diane’s. We will thank Lisa for offering her place for the February meeting, but as we all agreed, traveling to Maryland for a meeting in winter/snow season is not really do-able, especially since few of us could travel that distance in any case due to work commitments.

April (4/13): reschedule the working with patterns workshop, and to be held at Marcy’s

June (6/15): topic & location TBD.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:34.