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Pictures from the Quilt Fest
March 4-7, 2010 Sumerset NJ

Three Pups, Diane Kovalcin, Kathy Draves and Susan Toker went to the Sumerset Quilt Fest this March.
In addition to enjoying the art form, quilting techniques can find their way into costuming.
In fact, there is a special contest run by Hoffman Fabrics which includes contests for clothing, dolls and quilts.  
There is also a great deal of innovation in the tools, fabric coloring, computer printed designs, glues and more.
It is also a place to see/buy new products and shop for fabric, beads and buttons.
Click the links to see more pictures.
They are catagorized in groups and this is only a subset of all the show quilts. Click pictures for larger images:

    Art Quilts
    Traditional Quilts
    Hoffman Challenge Quilts
    Hoffman Challenge Dolls
    Quilted Clothing
    Quilted Critter

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