Costume-Con 29
Give My Regards to Broadway
held April 29- May 2, 2011

COSTUME-CON is an annual conference about costumes. The convention has its roots in science fiction and fantasy conventions and historic re-enactment type events.

Below are pictures convention taken by members of the NY/NJ Costumers' Guild.

Because of the amount of photographs, things have been broken down into catagories, and each catagory has subsections. Click your way down to individual thumbnail pictures and click again to get the larger images.

There is a need to put names to faces, as well as costume names and awards, if needed. Please help us fill in the missing information by sending your identification info (based on picture title) to the Pup's webmaster here:
webmaster "at"

There are also more pictures out on the web. Below are some known links and we can add more if you tell us.

Costume-Con Visual Archive Gallery

ICG Gallery

The Costume Gallery

"Lizzy Ament's" Gallery

"GamerGirlX's" Gallery

"Faith Baker's" Gallery

Click pictures for larger images:

Susan Toker

Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade

Susan Toker

Historical Masquerade

Tina Connell

Future Fashion Show

Tina Connell

Single Pattern Contest

Tina Connell

Doll contest

Tina Connell

Hat contest

The End!