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         Jeannie by Kathy Draves

I Dream of Jeannie

Jeannie II by Kathy Draves

I Dream of the Bad Jeannie

Lucy by Kathy Draves

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

         1860 Gown by Kathy Draves

1860 Ball Gown

1898 Gown by Kathy Draves

1898 Ball Gown

         Knight Bear by Kathy Draves

Knight Bear from Doll Contest

CodPiece by Kathy Draves

CodPiece from Future Fashion Show

         Versailles Gown by Kathy Draves

Versailles Gown

snowwhite by Kathy Draves

Snow White

Kathy Draves with Rory

Dr. Who Accessories 2
Kathy Draves
(happy fan)
Arthur Darvill
(Rory Arthur Williams "Pond")

Kathy Draves with Clara and Dr Who 11

Dr. Who Accessories 1
Jenna-Louise Coleman
(Clara Oswald)
Kathy Draves
(happy fan)
Matt Smith
(11th Dr. Who)

Learning about Star Trek conventions and seeing Star Wars in the late '70s, Kathy started costuming soon after.  First doing media recreation, she ventured into historical in the '90s and picked up bobbin lace making as an unexpected side effect.  In her other identity, she practices medicine as a Radiologist at a teaching hospital in Long Island, NY, and has shared her home with an assortment of poodles and orchids over the years.

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