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Philcon 2012 was held November 9-11, 2012
at The Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Below are collections of pictures from Philcon 2012 taken by Tina Connell, Diane Kovalcin and Susan Toker.   The pictures give you a feel of Philcon 2012 along with showing off the costumers.   The convention was held at the The Crowne Plaza, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The Guest of Honor were Principal Speaker: Catherynne Valente, Artist Guest of Honor Phil Foglio and Fan Guest of Honor David Kyle.

There was a Steampunk Ball Friday night and the Masquerade (Costume/Cosplay Contest) Saturday evening.   The convention had a diverse multi-track program panels, gaming, Anime, Art show and art and costume workshops for both adults and children.   There was some gaming and game displays located on the quiet side of the main lobby.   There was plenty of variety in the Dealer's room and an Art room with a range of 2D and 3D work.

The masquerade was smaller, and economically low tech, but with wonderful and fun costumes.   Rob Himmelsbach was the masquerade director with Electra Hammond as his assitant MD. Marcy Huston helped too, as did the NY/NJ and and Greater Delaware Costumers' Guilds.   The official masquerade photographer was the talented Ken Warren.

We are always looking for more pictures of this event!
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Some additional online pictures and video:

Un-Conventional Photography - Ken Warren - Official Philcon Photographer
Grandma Gaga presentation
David Kyle interview
Uncle Yo's Speech before the Masquerade
secretlyviola Philcon videoblog

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