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A Pup's Eye View

In late June/early July of 2013, Diane Kovalcin, one of the members of the NJ/NY Costumers Guild, visited the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.  In addition to enjoying the performances, she had the opportunity to photograph the 2013 "In Stitches" exhibit of costumes and props from the theater's collection, along with some demonstrations on the process of building them.

You can find an excellent description of the "In Stitches" exhibit Here.

What makes this exhibit particularly interesting is that some of the costumes represent the same character but with different interpretations. There are also a number of notes on the costumes' construction and styling. Near the bottom of this page, are pictures from the exhibit that go into details of the companies general costume construction approach that are both informational and inspiring.

NOTE: All the costume descriptions are just enlargments of the placards written by the Royal Shakespeare Company for the exhibit so the words are their property.

Description of the "In Stitches" exhibit here.

Find out more about the Royal Shakespeare Company here.

Also Royal Shakespeare Company on Pinterest here.

The Northern Lights Costume Guild also has some pictures taken by John Francini from a different visit. You can find them here John Francini Pictures.

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Below are the pictures.  Click on pictures for a larger image. (These are very large and not good for mobile viewing.)


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